Talking about money, and money worries, can feel overwhelming… we get that. Every customer matters to us. If you're struggling to pay your water bill, we've made it easier for you to get the right help with our online calculator and single application form.

If you're on a low income, lost your job, or have had an emergency then the last thing we want is for you to worry about your bill. We have a range of support available, from flexible payment plans to help you spread the cost of your water bill to support tariffs that reduce the amount you pay if you’re on a low income. 

How can we help you save money on your water bill?

Let's find out with 5 simple questions

Are you on a water meter?

How many people live in your house?

What is the total income of everyone living in your house?

This should be your take-home pay and/or any other income such as pensions, benefits and allowances

How much do you spend on your rent or mortgage payments?

This should be the difference you have to pay on top of any benefit(s) you receive

How much is your water bill?

This should be amount billed, not the instalment repayment amount


Would you prefer to speak to us about the support we offer?

 We've made it easier for you to contact us. Don't wait, send us a message on whatsapp, facebook, or twitter, and we'll get back to you. Or, you can chat to us on webchat by clicking on the message us button to the right.

If you'd prefer to speak on the phone, please call us on 01202 590059. We’re open 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 2pm on Saturday.





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