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Bogus callers are people who pretend to work for Companies like us to get into your home.

To help protect you, when we make an appointment to visit you, you can ask us to agree a password for our staff and anyone working for us to use. It’s rare for us to visit you without an appointment.


If someone visits you, for your safety remember to follow these steps:

Look – before you open the door, can you see the visitor by looking through a spyhole or window?

Safety chain – make sure you’ve put your safety chain on your door

ID card – ask for the visitors ID card through a window or letterbox

Call us – on 01202 590059 to check that the visitor works for us, our staff are happy to wait while you do this.

If you’re not sure – don’t open the door!


Bogus phone calls

We often carry out customer experience surveys over the phone, but if you’re not sure that it’s us, call to check on 01202 590059. Don’t share any personal information until you’re sure the call is genuine.