New Appointment and Variation (NAV)

A new appointment is made where a limited company is appointed by Ofwat to provide water and/or sewerage services for a specific geographic area.

A variation is where an existing appointed company (an “appointee”) asks Ofwat to vary its appointment so it can extend the areas it provides services to. A new appointee has the same duties and responsibilities as the previous statutory water company.

A NAV therefore involves one company replacing another as the appointee for a specific geographic area. In order to make your application to Ofwat for the new appointment, you’ll need some information from the Company as the incumbent water and/or sewerage company. If you’re looking to make a bulk connection with our network(s), we can also help you set up the bulk agreement(s), arrange for any site-work and set you up as our customer.

A site will be eligible for applying for a new appointment and variation if it is:

  • unserved;
  • for a large user; or
  • given consent by the incumbent water and/or sewerage company.

For more information on how to apply for a new appointment or variation please see the Ofwat guidance.

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Pre Development - point of contact

If you are planning to connect to our waste water and/or clean water network and you would like to understand the options which are available for the connection and an estimate of the likely cost of the connection before you make a formal application to us, we can provide you with the point of connection information and a budget estimate.

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Draft Supply Agreement Information

Depending on the type of service you will provide we will need to set up bulk supply and / or discharge agreements with you.

Please note that there is ongoing work at industry level to agree standard documentation. This means that, depending on the outcome of the current project which is due to complete by the end of 2019, we may issue revised versions.

New Connection and Developer Services Charging Arrangements

Bulk Supply Charges