Existing customer

We know moving can be a stressful time so we will do our best to get everything set up for you as quickly as we can, it will take around 3 minutes to complete. 

There are 3 ways to complete your move details: 

  1. If you're already registered with MyAccount you can update your details here 
  2. Register for MyAccount and update your details
  3. Or complete the form below 



Important information

Here’s a list of information you’ll need to hand to create a new customer account:

  • Your new address
  • Your billing address
  • A meter reading (if you’re new home has a meter) - if you don't have a meter reading don't worry we can calculate your final reading based on your previous usage.

Existing customer move form

Your details

New occupier details.

If you know who is moving in to your property then let us know their details below.

Your previous home


How would you like us to obtain your meter reading?

We understand that some of our customers are unable to read their meters.

If you need help to read your meter, please seek help from a friend or relative or we can arrange for someone to come out but this will take up to 20 days.

We will calculate your closing read based on previous meter readings at the property

Your move - new address

How many people will live at this address? These details will help us estimate your water usage.

Does the property have a water meter?

Unmetered customers are billed between late February and April and the charges are based on the rateable value of your property plus a fixed charge.

Do you have a meter reading now?

How would you like us to obtain your meter reading?

We will calculate your opening read based on previous meter readings at the property.

Important: We understand that some of our customers are unable to read their meters. If you cannot read the meter we will arrange a meter reader to attend. :)

Please note that it can take up to 20 working days for this reading to be taken.

Your bills and payments

How would you like to pay?

Please provide us with the following details so we may set up your direct debit with your bank.

Your instalment plan is calculated based on the average usage for the number of occupants you have told us will be in the property.

How often would you like the direct debit to be collected?
On which date of the month would you like us to collect the Direct Debit?

Payment slips: With a payment slip you can pay at your bank or building society, by post or free of charge at a Post Office or Paypoint outlet.

Once your move is completed we will send you the slips you have requested.

Standing order instruction: Once your move is completed  we will send you the appropriate paperwork to complete your standing order set-up.

You will need to return this to your bank or building society before the first payment is due.

Form submission

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about moving into your new home, if you are happy with the details entered please click submit below. 

Next steps:

- We will now update our records, which can take up to 10 working days.

- We will be in touch if we need any further details or if we need to arrange for a meter reading. 

Thanks again,

Bournemouth Water

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