Apply for an allowance on your bill

A leak on your supply pipe is likely to cause a significant increase in water use and if you are on a meter, your bill. We may be able to help towards the cost of any water lost. Complete the form below, we'll need your meter readings to calculate the extra water use to see if we can take this off your bill.

For more information, read our code of practice for customer leaks.

Apply for a leak allowance

Leak location
If the leak was on your service pipe, did you repair or replace the pipe?

Please provide two readings to help us calculate your allowance, the first after the repair has been made and a second at least 7 days later - include the black and red digitis for each reading seperated by a decimal point. 

If you are unable to read your meter, please tick the box below and we'll arrange to read it for you.

Please note that this will delay your application by up to 30 days while we obtain readings.

Do you have meter readings now?