WaterFuture - Get into water

Ensuring we meet water demands in the Bournemouth Water resource zone is our prime responsibility.

As the Bournemouth Water area is traditionally drier than the UK average, with warmer, sunnier summers, making sure all our customers have enough water depends on investment in capturing, storing and transporting this precious resource.

River intakes, boreholes, connecting pipelines and massive pumps are just some of the essential infrastructure we need to be able to provide sufficient water for all our customers.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and continuous public water supply for everyone.  We produce a Water Resources Management Plan, which covers both South West Water and Bournemouth Water, every five years which demonstrates how we will manage water resources over the coming 25 years, taking into account many factors including increasing population, the needs of the environment and the effects of climate change.

We have successfully avoided water restrictions through investment in and the careful management of our surface water and groundwater abstractions and the water supply network.

Ultimately our goal is to continue to prevent water restrictions, with the exception of extreme circumstances, while ensuring our supplies are efficiently managed and delivered.