With millions of holes being dug every day across the country, severe damage can be caused if workers don’t check for existing assets before they begin digging.

We maintain over 18,000km of underground water pipes and these are at constant risk of damage by people digging without knowing what’s below them or taking adequate precautions.

On average, we experience around 100 incidents caused by third party damage every year which can cause injury to workers or people around them, harm to the surrounding area and natural environment, and create a disruption to water supply for the communities we serve.

That’s why we’ve created an information flyer to explain how we can help trace a water main or discuss a main diversion to avoid the unwanted and avoidable damage caused by these incidents. Click here to download our Dial Before You Dig flyer.


phone-DBYD.PNG We can help you trace a water main or discuss a main diversion. Call us on 01202 591 111 (between 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday) or 0344 346 2020 (for emergencies outside the hours above).