Giving you a greater say in our business

WaterShare+ is a unique scheme created for our customers and made possible because of our position as a PLC-owned company.

Pennon PLC is our parent company, and also owns South West Water and Bristol Water. Together we serve water to 2.3 million customers, and South West Water provides wastewater services to 1.8 million customers. 

Everyone's invited to our WaterShare+ Meetings which give you regular opportunities to get involved, speak to our executive teams, and keep us accountable. You, our customers, are at the heart of everything we do, especially in helping us shape our collective plans for the future and prioritising where the businesses are to invest and improve.

The scheme also gives you a financial stake in the business too, through our share scheme. 1 in 14 of our customers are now shareholders thanks to the WaterShare+ scheme.

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1 in 14 customers are shareholders!

Through this scheme, we give our customers a chance to become shareholders in our parent company Pennon - giving you a financial stake in your water company. If you don't take the shares, you get the money off your bill. In 2023, this was to the value of £13.

We've now got more customer-shareholders than investor-shareholders!

When we next run the scheme, there'll be more information about how you can get involved. Watch this space

WaterShare+ meeting March 2023

Everyone's invited

Our WaterShare+ Customer Meetings are a great opportunity for you to learn more about what's happening across all three companies - us, South West Water and Bristol Water. 

Share your ideas, comment on our plans and hear from our executive team about how your feedback is constantly improving our services to you. We love to hear from you, learn from you and, most importantly, work with you.

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You Said, We Did!

WS+ Meeting Minutes

Documents from WaterShare+ Advisory Panel meetings can be found below, by date order.


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Public meeting minutes

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11 December 2023

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23 June 2023

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28 March 2023

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13 December 2022

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13 June 2022


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17 March 2022


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11 January 2022

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7 July 2021

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26 April 2021

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12 January 2021





WS+ Annual Reports

Annual report

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Our next meeting

Our Customer Panels, and executives across the businesses invite you to join them on July 2nd 2024. There'll be discussions around the Annual Report, Q&A sessions, and displays that give you a better picture of everything we're involved with. 

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Upcoming dates

We love to hear from you, learn from you and, most importantly, work with you.

  • 2nd July, 2024 - Bournemouth
  • 20th September, 2024 - Cornwall

Meet your representatives

Our WaterShare+ Customer Panel do a fantastic job of taking all your feedback from meetings, surveys and workshops, and keeping the business accountable for promises they've made to you in response.

They represent Bournemouth Water and South West Water customers and have made a huge difference to the way customer voices are listened to when the companies make big business decisions.

Bristol Water, the newest member of the WaterShare+ scheme, has its own customer Challenge Panel, and you'll meet them too if you come along to one of our meetings.

Read the Terms of Reference for the WaterShare+ Panel.

Would you like to be involved in our future customer research? 

We run an extensive customer research programme, so there are plenty of ways you can get involved and have your say on how our businesses are run.

We're looking for people just like you to come along to our customer events and have your say on how we tackle challenges and improve our services. We love learning from our customers about what matters to them and value your support.

You can read about our recent customer engagement activities, what we’ve done and how we’ve used the findings within the links listed below.

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