Pre Development Services 

If you are planning a new development, you’ll need to talk to us in the early stages of planning so that we can avoid delays and provide support and advice on your proposal.
Before construction can begin, most types of development or building work will need planning permission from the local planning authority.

The pre planning process provides the customer with the point of connection for the site they are looking to developer and a budget estimate of the costs of supply them.

The company will provide:

  • A copy of the public records and a point of connection
  • A desktop estimate based on the Developer Services Charging Arrangements

This information will be provided within 21 calendar days of a full application.

Customers can undertake their own point of connection assessment and should they require validation of this review, the information can be submitted to Bournemouth Water for validation. 


Pre planning - Point of connection enquiry

If you are a NAV applicant and require a Point of Connection or Site Served information, please visit our dedicated NAV webpage: