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Keeping water safe – 10 top tips

Below are some of the things you can do to make sure that the water stays fresh when it reaches your home as well as looking after your appliances.




Top tip


Drinking and cooking

  • Water can be sat in pipework especially if you’ve been away.
  • Always use the cold kitchen tap (or the tap that’s fed directly off the mains pipe) for cooking and drinking
  • Storing water
  • It’s best to run your tap to flush through the water that’s been sat in pipework for a couple of minutes.
  • Avoid drinking water from the hot water plumbing or cold water storage tank as bacteria can grow.
  • Keep stored water in the fridge in a covered container and change it every day.
  • Always use fresh water in your kettle


Water filters

  • Prevent bacteria growing in your water filter jug or inline water filter system
  • Keep the container in the fridge away from heat and light
  • Change the water daily
  • Clean the jug frequently and change cartridges as recommended by the manufacturer.


Cold water storage tanks

  • Prevent airborne bacteria and dust from entering the tank
  • Make sure the lid is securely sealed
  • Make sure there’s an air gap between the surface of the water and the inlet pipe when the tank is full which will stop impurities from your tank getting back into the main water supply
  • Make sure the tank is flushed out and refilled if the house is empty for longer than a month


Bathroom shower, bath and taps

  • Preventing growth of pink or black slime caused by bacteria and fungal spores
  • Clean area including taps and spouts using a mild household disinfectant and run for a few seconds after cleaning
  • Don’t leave a dishcloth to dry on your tap



  • Heating oil, thinners, petrol, diesel and creosote all contain chemicals that can permeate through the soil into plastic pipework and affect drinking water supplies
  • Don’t drink the water and call us immediately on 01202 590059


Washing machines

  • Prevent black bacteria and mould building up especially in the powder drawer and door seal.
  • Keep the door open to air the inside of the machine
  • Running  your washing machine on a low temperature cycle can save energy, but can also increase bacteria and mould growth, so run the machine on a 60’ wash every so often.


Shower curtains and tile grouting

  • Pink or green discolouration due to mould or fungus
  • Clean the areas regularly with a household disinfectant or dilute bleach solution to reduce the problem.