Efficient energy management

Around 80% of our energy usage is pumping water from the environment to our works and then on to our customers once it is treated. We therefore make sure our pumps are kept in good condition and continue to operate at their optimum efficiency. We have embarked on a programme of continuous monitoring of our largest pumps so we can intervene if we see efficiency starting to degrade. Intervention usually means refurbishing our pumps back to their ‘as new’ condition or in some cases replacing worn out equipment.

It costs around £4m a year to keep Bournemouth Water supplied with energy to provide our services so it is very important we ensure we use that energy efficiently. Our workforce are trained to be energy aware, to spot where energy might be being wasted and to report potential opportunities where energy could be saved.  

Greater innovation in the design and operation of new pumps, motors and treatment process equipment has meant we are gradually replacing our older assets with updated technologies. Whilst we cannot do this all at once we are seeing gradual improvements in efficiency by continually upgrading our assets with these more efficient replacements.