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Need a little extra help?

At some stage in our lives we can all benefit from a bit of extra help. This could be due to a physical or learning disability, illness, age or communication requirement, or other reasons. Our Priority Services are available to anyone living within our region, even if you are not the bill payer. The help available doesn’t have to be for you, if you’re an account holder or nominated carer you can register on behalf of someone else. 

You may also want to contact either Wessex Water (0345 600 3 600) or Southern Water (0330 303 1262), according to where you live, to apply for additional services in relation to your waste water services.

How to register for our Priority Services

It’s easy to register with us for Priority Services, you can:

Register online by completing the form below

Call us on 01202 590059 to register directly or request a copy of our registration form

(Text Relay is also available)


You can find out more about the details of these services in our leaflet Code of Practice on Priority Services.


If you require additional help from us, you may also want to register with other utilities such as your energy supplier or telecoms company.

Please tell us if the following apply to you or someone living in your home:

Reading your meter

You can ask us to read your meter up to an extra four times a year if you can’t easily read it yourself, for example, due to limited physical movement, problems with your eyesight, or a condition such as dyslexia.

To request an additional reading, please call our Accounts Helpline on 0344 346 1010.