Board Governance

South West Water incorporating Bournemouth Water and its holding company, Pennon Group Plc, is committed to operating to the highest standards of board leadership and governance including transparency of reporting to its investors, customers, regulators and other stakeholders.

The South West Water Board recognises that it is responsible for providing vital services relating to water supply and sewerage disposal and in doing so acting responsibly to ensure the protection of the environment, the sustainability of its operations and the satisfaction of its customers’ needs (South West Water does not provide sewerage services to Bournemouth Water customers).

Board Governance Code

Both the South West Water and Pennon Group Boards are committed to the principles on board leadership, transparency and governance published by Ofwat. South West Water will take into consideration in complying with this Code the legitimate expectations of its shareholders.

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 Board Leadership Transparency and Governance Code


Terms of Reference

South West Water has a fully functioning and standalone Board and Committees. The business of the board with associated Audit, Sustainability, Remuneration and Nomination Committees covers a full range of corporate issues including strategy, performance, delivery, compliance and governance.

The Board has a ‘matters reserved’ schedule setting out its responsibilities and each Committee has detailed terms of reference setting out its responsibilities and accountabilities.


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SWW Schedule of matters reserved The Remuneration Committee The Nomination Committee The Sustainability Committee
The Audit Committee