From fixing leaks, to investing in our infrastructure to ensure we have a resilient water network. Learn what we’re doing to stop the drips.

Climate change and an ever-growing population put more pressure on our region's water supplies.

By replacing old pipes and fixing leaks we'll ensure there's enough water for everyone.

Fixing leaks and investing in our network

We take leaks affecting customers very seriously, and we prioritise repairing these as quickly as possible.

We currently raise around 2,898 leaks per year in Bournemouth, 40% of these leaks are detected by our leakage teams. We repair high priority leaks that effect customers in less than 24 hours.

We’re continuing to invest in leak busting teams to upgrade our network, find leaks through enhanced digital leak detection and get them fixed quickly with plans of investing £1.2m to make this process even quicker.


Helping you stop leaks at home

We own most of the pipework that transports our water supplies, but some of the pipework is inside your property boundary and therefore you’re responsible for fixing these leaks.

We can help by guiding you in how to claim for a leak allowance or support you with cost of a leak repair.

Working closely with us means you could benefit toward the cost of any water loss and qualify for a contribution towards replacing your supply pipe.

Find out more if you think you have a leak.


Listening for leaks: meet our leak detectors

Our leak detectors use the latest in leak detection equipment to track down leaks and report them to our engineers to get them fixed including well established traditional methods such as our listening sticks.

If you spot someone in a high-vis jacket, wielding a large stick and listening to a drain, don’t be alarmed; it's a member of our specially trained leakage team listening for leaks.

To the untrained ear, it might be difficult to pick up, but our leakage experts have no problems in detecting the hiss of a leaky pipe.

If you spot a leak in our network, let us know.

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Managing water pressure

We’re always keeping an eye on water pressure because it helps us to save water and keep the cost of bills down for our customers. Lower pressure means less water use, which saves you money and puts less strain on the environment. However, if the water pressure in your property is less than you expect, there could be a few reasons for this including a burst main pipe. Monitoring pressure ensures that everyone has a constant supply and keeps the pressure in the pipes at a suitable level that won’t lead to bursts and leaks.

More on water pressure

What you can do

Checking for leaks, becoming water smart and picking up free water saving gadgets. Find out how you can look after every drop.

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