WaterFuture - Get into water

Avoiding restrictions on the water you use while managing and delivering the region’s supplies as efficiently as possible.

We have never had to impose any water restrictions (hosepipe bans) in the Bournemouth Water area and we work hard to ensure water is always available for you to use. 

This includes forecasting and monitoring as well as investment in our networks and pumping water to where it is needed most.

The population is set to increase significantly over the next 30 years and with extreme weather events, such as drought, likely to be more common, this will have an increased impact on our water resources. The challenge will be to ensure that water scarcity is never an issue.

Did you know?

The first reservoir for the region was built at Alderney in the 1880s 

Our goals for 2050

  • Improve natural storage by managing wetland areas on the region’s moors
  • Look to move surplus water around our area, and the surrounding regions, to make sure we are all resilient to drought
  • Work with you to make sure we all use water efficiently and protect natural resources for future generations