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Pre-Development Services

If you're planning a new development, you’ll need to talk to us in the early stages of planning so that we can avoid delays and provide support and advice on your proposal.

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New blue water pipes

Getting a water main

Find out more about how to get this process arranged

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Two men working on a water pipe

Getting a water connection

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Exposed water main pipe in an open trench

Building near water mains

Did you know there are restrictions on where you can build?

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Man working on a large water pipe joint with a spanner

Diversion of water mains

If your development site currently has a public water main within it, a diversion may be required to allow your development to progress

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Water hose

New Appointments and Variations

A NAV is a water and/or wastewater provider in its own right

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Builder laying a water pipe


Developers can arrange for the work to be carried out by qualified contractors

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The Government’s Better Connected guide sets out what developers and utility companies should expect from each other.