What type of water connection are you applying for?

New water main

If your building a multiple-property household development that will have new road access, you will probably need a new water main. 

Likewise, if you're building a non-household property with a new road access, you will also need a new water main.

You have the option of getting this main, and the services to each property, laid by an accredited self-lay provider or by ourselves.  

New connection on existing main

If you need a new connection to a single new property, or in cases where it's only a small number of connections needed, then you can probably connect to an existing water main.

Similarly, if you are requiring a new connection in an existing building, you'll be connecting to an existing water main.

New, or replacement, water connections to existing mains must be through us.

Our pre-development services

If you're planning to connect to our drinking water network and you'd like to understand the options available for the connection, then our pre-development services are for you.

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Before you apply

Double check you know the answer to these questions before you apply.

Get a quote from us for your new connection

It's really easy to apply for a quote to install new water connection with us - simply fill out the form below. You will also need to complete the Risk Assessment for Water Pipes in Land Potentially Affected by Contamination form.

For more information on our charges, you can read our Developer Services Charging Arrangements.

For what happens after you apply, please see our handy flowchart which shows you the next steps.

Application Form.

Builder with a clipboard on building site
What happens next

Step 1 - Site survey

We’ll visit the site to discuss the specific details with you and let you know of any traffic management requirements.

Person using a calculator
What happens next

Step 2 - Quote

Our quote will include any costs associated with the new connection and we’ll aim to send this within 28 days of receiving your materially complete application form.

Person paying online using laptop
What happens next

Step 3 - Payment

After you’ve accepted our quote, you can make an online payment by card or alternatively you can read our 'how to pay' guide for further payment options.

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Step 4 - Pre-connection requirements

All of the requirements are detailed within our guide and will need to be completed before we can arrange a connection date.

Builder on the phone to Bournemouth developer services
What happens next

Step 5 - Arranging connection

When you’ve met our requirements for connection, you’ll need to contact us when you are ready for a connection date.


Employ your own Self-Lay Provider to install new water mains to a site and/or connect services to each property. If you require new or replacement water connections to an existing public water main, follow this guide.

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