Buildings are not permitted near or over our water infrastructure. Easements are detailed below

You are not permitted to build within three metres of a public water main and this distance may increase where necessary to protect our main as stated in the table below. We must have unrestricted access to repair, maintain or renew the main as required.

If you propose to build closer to the water mains than the stated criteria you will be expected to pay for the water main to be diverted.

Diameter of water main Easement
<=150mm (6") 6 metres (3 metres either side of the water main)
151 mm to 600 mm (6" to 24") 7 metres (3.5 metres either side of the water main)
>=601mm (>=24") 9 metres (4.5 metres either side of the water main)

Please note these easements are from the outside barrel of the water main

Pre-development services

If you're planning a new development, you’ll need to talk to us in the early stages of planning so that we can avoid delays and provide support and advice on your proposal.

Pre-development services image

Dial before you dig

Another reason there's leaks and bursts on our network is because of third-party damage. If you're planning to dig, call us first and we'll let you know if there's a water main in the area.

Dial before you dig image

Technical / useful information