If your development site currently has a public water main within it, a diversion may be required to allow your development to progress

Anyone with an interest in any land which contains a water main or associated apparatus has the right to request the alteration or removal, including diversion (generally referred to throughout this document as diversion) of that apparatus to accommodate proposed improvement of that land. This right is granted by Section 185 of the WIA91, and extends to anyone with an interest in adjacent land where the presence of water mains or apparatus would hinder proposed improvement. This does not apply to water mains in any public highway.

It should be noted that we do not allow building over any water mains or associated apparatus. Please click here for more information.

Pre-Development Services

If you would like to understand the options which are available for the diversion of a water main and an estimate of the likely cost before you make a formal application to us, we can provide you with a budget estimate. View more information on pre-development services.

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