As part of our Business Plan 2020-25, we promised to improve water quality and the sustainability of water security in Bournemouth in the face of a changing climate. This included significant investment at Alderney Water Treatment Works, which has been serving Bournemouth for over 100 years!

We planned a huge transformation, using the very latest in water treatment technology – ceramic membranes. The plan was to replace the works and water filters at Alderney with a new ceramic membrane treatment works.

Although the design would have delivered the much-desired improvements in water quality and increased the resilience of treatment in Bournemouth, its energy consumption, the impacts of the cost-of-living crisis on the cost of construction, and other environmental impacts were a growing concern. We listened to customers, other stakeholders, and our internal teams, and knew we could do better.

Design review

Our teams have been working closely with our contractors to find better and more efficient solutions. This has resulted in a new approach which improves the overall environmental impact of the works whilst still incorporating the new technology and ensuring world-class water quality for the future.

One way we can radically reduce the energy consumption of the site is by retaining some of the old infrastructure, so we’re keeping the sand filters as the preliminary treatment process.

We are then adding the new ceramic membrane technology as an additional treatment process. This will increase the sustainability and robustness of supply in Bournemouth whilst cutting the amount of power needed to run the site.

Alderney will be designed to meet and overcome our future challenges, both locally and regionally.

Alderney water treatment design mockup Alderney treatment work building

Design plan

Programme of work

This change in design helps us keep our promise to our customers of improving the water quality and sustainability of supply in Bournemouth whilst keeping costs down, lowering carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Foundation-laying and other enabling work began in late 2021. We’re creating around 200 jobs during construction, hiring local people and only using suppliers and contractors who support the local supply chain.

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Update October 2023 - Bournemouth Echo

Update October 2023

Brian Roper is the Customer Liaison Officer for the scheme to handle any local issues and enquiries about the works. Brian has created a project mailbox and you can now contact him at alderneyclo@kier.co.uk