Bringing water to life — looking after the people and places they love for generations to come

Since 1863, we have been the trusted provider of safe and reliable drinking water for Bournemouth and surrounding communities. We are driven by a deep commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and exceptional customer service.

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Bournemouth Water is born

Dedicated to ensuring that every resident has access to quality water as the town expands and flourishes.

bournemouth water history in 1800s

Monumental growth

As Bournemouth continues to grow, so do we. We invest in upgrading our systems to guarantee an abundant supply of water for the entire community.



Adapting to changes in the water industry landscape, we make a pivotal move and become a private company. This shift allows us to renew our commitment and focus on delivering exceptional water services.

bournemouth water and south west water

A new chapter begins

A new chapter unfolds as we become part of the South West Water family, backed by the Pennon Group. This strategic alliance enhances our capabilities, ensuring a consistent and high-quality water supply for the communities we proudly serve.

We're more than just your water company. We're committed to our community, and that means upholding these core values

Meet the people behind the flow

Our success is driven by a dedicated team of individuals who bring a diverse expertise and commitment to their roles and Bournemouth Water.

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We're doing this. Our business plan 2025-30

Our plan for change 2025-30. We keep the Bournemouth community and environment at the heart of our ambition.

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Every Drip, Every Drop – together we can save water

It’s easy to take water for granted, but this precious resource is increasingly under threat. That’s why we’re asking everyone to use water carefully. And we promise to do our bit too.

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