Our commitment to your essential resource

We're passionate about delivering reliable, high-quality drinking water to our communities. We understand the vital role water plays in your life, and we're dedicated to providing you with a safe and sustainable supply, every day.

150 megalitre
of drinking water each day
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Our journey begins with the source

88% of our supply comes from surface water sources, via river intakes on the Hampshire Avon and the Dorset Stour. The other 12% of our supply comes from groundwater sources, via boreholes which mainly supply the more rural parts of the water resource zone.

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Water treatment

Through a multi-stage treatment process, we transform what we call 'raw' untreated water into safe, high quality drinking water.

  • Abstraction - we remove debris and larger particles from the water to protect the delicate treatment process
  • Filtration - the water is filtered twice, first through sand and then through Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) to remove bacteria.
  • Chlorination - finally, we then use chlorine to to completely disinfect the water
Projects and investment
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Ensuring a sustainable future

We go beyond simply delivering water. We actively manage our resources for the future by incorporating climate change projections into our planning, investing in renewable energy, and promoting water conservation. We're committed to sustainable practices to ensure a reliable and healthy water supply for generations to come.

Our environmental promise
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Building strong relationships with our community

We're more than just your water provider, we're your community partner. We listen to your concerns, support local initiatives, and offer friendly. 24/7 support. Through educational programs and open communication, we empower everyone to contribute to a sustainable water future.

Working in our community

For households

We supply drinking water to nearly half a million people from our base in Bournemouth. Our area covers parts of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

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For businesses

Businesses can choose who supplies their water and wastewater needs. Instead of coming directly to us, you can choose from a range of different retailers.

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For developers

Our dedicated Developer Services team is here to help you with all your water connection needs, from extensions and new properties to entire estates. We can help guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and successful connection.

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