A precious resource

Water is a vital part of our everyday lives, and we’re passionate about providing the best quality drinking water to you. To meet the region’s demand, we supply 150 megalitres of drinking water every day, operating and maintaining 5 water treatment works and 2,830 kilometres of pipe work.

Your water is treated and checked at every stage of its journey to ensure it’s clean, clear, safe and great tasting.

of water treated every day
of pipework
water treatment works

Every Drip, Every Drop – together we can save water

It’s easy to take water for granted, but this precious resource is increasingly under threat. That’s why we’re asking everyone to use water carefully. And we promise to do our bit too.

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How much water do you use?

Find out how much water you use. A meter is a great way to track your water usage and only be charged for what you use (win - win!).

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Search the quality of your drinking water

Enter your full postcode to learn more about the quality of the drinking water in your home.
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Our commitment to you

Day to day, our skilled technicians, engineers, and contractors manage and maintain the operation and performance of our drinking water network. This involves finding and fixing leaks, fitting meters, monitoring reservoir levels and transferring water around the network to where it's needed.

Into the future, we have some major plans to upgrade our network to make it even bigger and better. To make these plans a reality, we’ll be working with our wonderful partners including the Wildlife Trusts, Historic England, the Environment Agency, the National Trust and local and district councils. These plans take us up to 2050 when we will have achieved:

Our plan for your water
reduction in leaks*
meters installed
consumption per person per day
new borehole
Blue water pipe

Who owns what?

Find out which pipes belong to you, and which belong to us. Worried about a leak? We might be able to help with that.

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Report a problem

Whatever the issue – leaks, bursts, or leaky loos - our team will be able to help.

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From cloud to tap

From cloud to tap, the journey of water is a real adventure. From collecting and transporting, to treating and pumping - our people go above and beyond to look after the network and keep your water supply safe and resilient for the future.

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