What causes discolouration?

Discolouration is normally short lived following a burst or repairs to our network and should clear after running your cold kitchen tap for an hour. Sometimes it may persist due to the size of the burst or time taken to make the repair but it shouldn’t last beyond 24 hours.

The cause of the discolouration will depend on what colour your water is now.

To find out more, you can read our handy guide on discolouration.

Bits in the water

Cause: Biological growths that can build up on damp surfaces like the end of taps or showerheads. In East Devon, occasionally limescale can build up in kettles and other appliances due to the natural hardness of the water.

Fix: Regularly clean all your taps and showerheads to prevent any build up. Also, air your kitchen and bathroom regularly as this helps dry these areas out. You can do that by simply opening a window or using an extractor fan or dehumidifier. You should also avoid the use of aerosols in these areas (they often contain ingredients that bacteria and mould can feed off).

Before you start running the tap…

If you’re on a meter, make sure to take a meter reading before you start running your tap and straight away afterwards. Then, simply fill in the form below to claim a run-off allowance.