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We read your meter twice a year, but you can quickly update your bill by sending us more meter readings throughout the year.

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Ready to make the switch? A water meter could help save you money

Having a water meter means you only pay for the water you use. Putting you in control of your water use so you can take steps to reduce your bill.

  • You could save money if you switch to a water meter.
  • In most cases we can fit a meter free of charge
  • You don’t need permission from your landlord to apply for a water meter, unless you’re in a fixed-term tenancy of less than six months
  • If you have a meter installed and decide that having a water meter is not for you, you have two years to decide whether you’d like to switch back
  • If you receive benefits or tax credits you may be able to get help with your water bill by qualifying for our WaterSure or WaterCare tariffs. You will need to have a water meter fitted and other criteria will apply.

How much could you save with a water meter?

Try our handy calculator to help you work out your water use and whether a water meter might save you money. Charges are an estimate based on 2021/2022 charges tariff.

Compare the estimate with your current unmetered bill to see at a glance whether you would save money by switching to a meter.

Switch and save with a water meter on our Lowest Bill Guarantee

We're always looking at ways in which you can save money off your water bill.

If you don't have a meter already, you may be eligible for Our Lowest Bill Guarantee scheme. On the scheme, not only will we fit a meter for FREE, what's more, if you don’t save any money in the first two years, we'll refund the difference from what you would have paid on your unmeasured bill.

In the first year you could see savings of £300 /£400.

And if you decide that a meter isn’t for you, you can switch back to the unmeasured bill within the first two years of the scheme at no extra cost.

If we are unable to fit a meter for any reason, you'll qualify for an Assessed Charge.

It’s easy to switch to a meter, complete our online meter application form below and leave the rest to us.

Ready to make the switch?

If you've decided it's time to put us to the test and get a meter, simply fill out this form and we'll be in touch.