We’re committed to fixing leaks and improving our network

We are actively investing in improving our infrastructure and addressing water loss. By replacing aging pipes and diligently fixing leaks, we aim to ensure a reliable water supply for everyone to enjoy in the Bournemouth area.

We currently raise around 2,898 leaks per year in Bournemouth, 40% of these leaks are detected by our leakage teams. We repair high priority leaks that effect customers in less than 24 hours.

We’re continuing to invest in leak busting teams to upgrade our network, find leaks through enhanced digital leak detection and get them fixed quickly with plans of investing £1.2m to make this process even quicker.

Raised per year
To fix high priority customer leaks
Investment in leak detection

Repairing leaks

We repair and maintain most water pipes leading into your home, but some lie within your property boundary. We'll help you fix these by offering a leak allowance or financial aid to help cover the cost of the repairs. Saving water and protecting your home.

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Listening for leaks

Our leak detector team uses advanced leak detection equipment to pinpoint the source of leaks and report them to our engineers for swift repairs. You may also notice them out and about with using established traditional methods, like using our signature 'listening sticks' to detect the subtle hissing sounds of a pipe.

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*Purchase of water saving goods from Save Water Save Money constitutes consent to information use for delivery.

Monitoring water pressure

We’re always keeping an eye on water pressure because it helps us to save water and keep the cost of bills down for our customers.

Keeping track of water pressure ensures that everyone has a constant supply and keeps the pressure in the pipes at a suitable level that won’t lead to bursts and leaks.

Your water pressure

How you can help save every drop

Check for leaks, become water smart by making small changes around the home, or pick up a free water saving gadget.

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