How many ways could you save water at work?

There are many benefits of reducing water consumption in the workplace. It can help more than just cost. It can help your business to comply with current and future environmental legislation, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your company’s environmental performance.

Major cost savings can be gained by installing:

  • Urinal controls or waste urinals
  • Efficient flush toilets
  • Automatic or sensor taps
  • Appliances that have an eco-setting (and use them if they do).

Other steps you can take to implement water-saving behaviours at work include:

  • Educating your employees on the importance and practices of water efficiency.
  • Setting water usage targets and encourage widespread involvement to achieve this. 
  • Highlight any particular building or office that has put in place technologies, signage, and engagement programmes to result in water efficient behaviours and reduced water waste. 

Reduce the risk of wasting water from leaks by:

Making sure your pipes are protected against the cold weather as leakages can increase after a burst pipe due to frost.

  • Making sure you know where your supply pipes run and where the shut off valves are.
  • Checking meters at night or when no water is being used to monitor any leakages.

Ordinary steps really do make an extraordinary difference.