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Take control of your bill with a meter

A meter can help you track your consumption and save money every year. It puts you in control, as you're only charged for what you use.

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Our bills compared to the industry 2024/25

our average bill
industry average bill (water only)

Your bill explained

Your bill is made up of a fixed charge and a variable charge for your water.

The fixed charges

The fixed charges don't change, and are reviewed every year.

Fixed charges for 2024/25 are:

Metered Unmetered
£26.25 £26.25


The variable charges

For metered customers, the variable charge is based off how many cubic meters of water you use. One cubic meter = 1000 litres.

The variable charge for unmetered customers is based off the Rateable Value of your property and is charged per pound of this value.

Variable charges for 2024/25 are:

Metered  Unmetered
£1.1042/m3 £0.5988/£
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What your bill covers

Water treatment

Your bill goes towards the safe treatment of your drinking water. This process is expensive to run, and we make sure we do it in the most efficient way possible to keep your bills low.

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Bournemouth water staff working on the water network
What your bill covers

Network maintenance

This includes upgrading, expanding, fixing and replacing assets within our water network. 

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Management of water resources
What your bill covers

Management of water resources

From reducing pollutants entering rivers, to stopping invasive species and increasing biodiversity. This also includes monitoring the levels of our water resources so that we can make sure that there's enough water for everyone and everything.

Our nature-based solutions
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What your bill covers

Customer services

The people who calculate and manage your bills and account, organise tariffs, provide support to our customers on Priority Services, calculate allowances in emergencies and man 24-hour helplines.

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Charges in more detail 2024/25

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Priority services

Priority Services offers extra assistance to customers who may need it. This could be due to a medical condition, disability, age, or other factors. We can help with things like meter reading and accessible billing formats.

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Financial support

We have a wide range of different support, and we'll make sure you're matched with the right help at the right time. Just get in touch to start putting your money worries behind you.

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