About the fund

We are dedicated to supporting our local community and the neighbourhood fund does just that. Each year, we set aside £100,000 to help fun community groups in Bournemouth, promoting physical activities, education, health and wellbeing, and positive environmental outcomes.

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Is my project eligible?

Got an idea, but not sure if you could apply for our funding? Just answer the easy questions below to find out how much you can apply for.

Does the product benefit the community?

• Protect nature and the environment for the benefit of community wellbeing. • Provide new opportunities for people to learn and develop. • Assist local projects which bring communities together virtually or physically when safe to do so. • Support the upkeep of local neighbourhood centres and facilities to keep communities strong.

We partner with ActionFunder

We’ve partnered with ActionFunder, an online platform that matches organisations like ours to not-for-profit community groups like yours.

ActionFunder will match you with us and our Community Outreach Team will review these matches monthly.

If you’re successful we’ll send you a funding invitation through ActionFunder, and the rest is taken from there.

If we can’t offer support on that occasion, you’ll be able to match with other organisations through ActionFunder, or we may revisit you at our next review. Once the amount of funding available in the Fund is awarded, we will not be able to consider any further applications within the same year.

Apply for funding now

You’ll be redirected to the ActionFunder portal where you can have a further read about our Neighbourhood Fund. If it all sounds good to you, you can sign up and apply.

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Got a question?

At any stage of your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us on community@southwestwater.co.uk. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.