Our commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030 includes:

car and van fleet
renewable energy
planted by 2025
reduction in leaks

What Net Zero means for us

We’re working hard to reduce our own carbon footprint and alleviate against further climate change. We aim to contribute to the industry commitment to become a net zero carbon sector by 2030.

We believe an approach to climate change that addresses both adaptation and mitigation is essential if the challenges of climate change are to be managed. Our efforts towards adapting to a changing climate and in controlling our greenhouse gas emissions through climate change mitigation are part of our overall ethos to become a more sustainable business.

Alderney water plant to show reduced energy consumption
What we're doing

Reducing energy consumption at our sites

We’ve optimised our water pumping stations and put energy-saving procedures and technology in our offices including automatic lights and taps, and doing everything we can to reduce leaks on our network so that energy isn’t wasted treating water that’s never used.

We're taking major steps to reduce energy and carbon emissions at our water sites.

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solar panel
What we're doing

Using renewable energy

Luckily for us, we live in a place that provides us with everything we need - plenty of sun, wind and water. We self generate some of the electricity we use from our own renewable energy schemes, such as the solar power we've installed on some of our larger sites.

Bournemouth water restoring peat land
What we're doing

Restoring peatland

When they're healthy, peatlands can store vast quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) - twice as much as all the Earth's forests put together.

Looking ahead

As new tools, technologies, and eco solutions develop, we’ll adapt our climate plans accordingly.

And those ambitious plans don’t stop at Net Zero by 2030. We’re committed to going beyond this – reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with purchased goods and services (‘embodied’ carbon) and those associated with waste generated by 2045. We’ll share more detail on our 2045 goals as those plans mature.

Our promise to the planet

Our plan is grounded in three pillars:

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