Have you got a leaky loo?

Leaking toilets are a big source of wasted water in the home – bath-loads can literally go down the loo every single day. They often go undetected, and are particularly common in modern dual flush systems, wasting up to 400 litres of water a day and adding £100s to your water bill. Check your loo today by taking the test.

Take the leaky loo test now

A leaking loo will usually be visible as a trickle or drip of water down the back of your toilet bowl. If you suspect your loo might be leaking, there’s a really simple trick to help you check.

  1. Place a dry sheet of toilet tissue on the back of the toilet pan, just below the rim
  2. Leave the paper for a few hours (make sure nobody uses the loo)
  3. Check the paper. If it’s wet, damp/wrinkled or torn, you have a leak

If you discover a leak, you should find a local qualified and approved plumber.

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