Landlords and letting agents

LandlordTAP, established by WaterUK is a dedicated national website that is designed to make it easier for landlords and agents to inform Water Companies of changes of tenancy. The portal allows you to view and maintain your property portfolio online in one easy to use place.

You can use this portal to quickly and easily inform us or other water companies of:

  • Properties you own or manage
  • Changes of tenancy in these properties
  • The property becoming empty
  • Changes of ownership/management

Registration only takes a few minutes at www.landlordtap.com


We know there are lots of things to think about when you’re a student, especially if it’s your first year away from home, don’t worry it’s really easy to sort out and we have a number of different payment options to suit your needs.

You’re more than likely responsible for paying your water bill as the occupier, however if you’re not sure check with your landlord.

If you’re moving in to a shared house, you’ll want to consider how you split your water bill as you are all equally responsible and we’ll need to know all of the names of the occupants to set up your account.

You can easily let us know that you’ve moved in by calling 01202 590059. Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm.

If you’re unsure about how to set up other household bills your Student Union may be able to help you.

Save water, save money and help the environment

Water is a finite resource. We share it with the environment.

The more we have to take to use the less is available for our beautiful rivers and wildlife to flourish. The more we have to treat and distribute the more it costs. Using less helps the environment and will cost you less too ( use less pay less!).

Order free water-saving devices for your home and start saving water today.