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Current water charges

What your bill covers

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How your bill is set

The prices we charge for your water supply are set every five years and are agreed with Ofwat, the economic regulator of the water industry. 

In setting our prices, we considered the current pressures on household income and the investment we need to:

  • maintain our plant and pipe network
  • improve our service in areas that customers have identified as a priority
  • further reduce the risk of large-scale service disruption.

At the same time we are improving our efficiency which will further reduce our costs and keep bills as low as possible.

We charge for water based on either the amount of water you use if your supply is metered, or the rateable value of your property if you don’t have a meter. In addition, we apply a standing charge to cover the cost of billing and administration. 


Water Charges 2020/21

Water Charges 2019/20


Water Charges 2018/19


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Press Office

Journalists can contact the Press Office on 01392 443020 or via email


Should you get a water meter?

Water meters have important benefits for you, for us and for the environment as you can have more control over your water use and leaks are easier to detect.  

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