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 Assurance Plan 2017/18
Customer charter
Code of practice on leakage for household customers
Code of practice for recovering domestic water debt
Code of practice - how we handle customer complaints
Code of practice for the exercise of pipelaying powers on private land
Code of practice on priority services
Code of Practice for the exercise of pipelaying powers on private land
Delivering more for less
Developers' charter
Direct debit instruction
Draft Assurance Plan 
Longham reservoir fishery 2016/2017
Fire sprinkler systems
Fishing in the Lower Stour and Christchurch Harbour 2016
Household water charges 2019/20
How we're doing. Our performance for the year to March 2016
New connections - information book
New connections - application form
New Connections Charges 2017-18
New connections - Terms and Conditions
New Forest guidelines
New occupier registration form
New water mains Terms and Conditions
Non household water charges 2017/18
Non-household wholesale service standards scheme
Notification of proposed plumbing works
Our performance and Directors' Report and Regulated Accounts for the year to 31 March 2016
Royalty moorings 2016/2017
Self-lay mains and services policy
Water efficiency in your home
Water main protection – building over or close to a public water main
WaterSure tariff
WaterCare tariff
Water supply regulations enforcement Policy
Wholesale charges scheme 2017/18
Your option to meter, save water, save money - it's possible with a meter
Your water company
Celebrating 150 years of serving our local community
Customer Summary Performance Report
2019 Pennon Gender Pay Gap 
2018 Pennon Gender Pay Gap


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