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Standards and compensation

Our regulator, Ofwat, has set out the service standards that we must provide under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS). This is to protect your rights as a consumer.

At Bournemouth Water, we have set extra standards for ourselves.

If we fail to meet any of these standards, you are entitled to a small amount of compensation which is credited to your water account. All the standards and compensation payments, are detailed in our Customer Charter.

This Charter covers standards and compensation for:

  • giving notice of planned interruptions
  • interruptions taking longer than we stated
  • not restoring your supply within a certain time after an emergency
  • repeated emergency interruptions

Notice of planned work

We will give you at least 72 hours’ notice in writing when more than one property is affected. If only one property is affected for less than four hours, we may give notice on the same day.

Emergency interruptions

We must restore your supply within 12 hours or 48 hours if the interruption is caused by a burst strategic main. If we fail to do this, you receive compensation. Please see the Customer Charter for details.

Water pressure

We aim to maintain the pressure above 10 metres head of water (1 bar) in our pipe supplying your property. This applies to the pipe that runs from our main to the boundary of your property, known as the communication pipe.

If the water pressure falls below this level, you may be entitled to compensation.

Press Office

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