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Get ready for winter, advises Bournemouth Water

03/11/2017 09:00:00

As winter begins to tighten its icy grip, Bournemouth Water is advising customers to take precautions to avoid leaks and burst water pipes.
To safeguard your home, Bournemouth Water is urging customers to act now to ensure pipes are wrapped up in their winter woollies before the icy weather arrives and is offering advice on its website for a problem-free winter.  The company’s top ten tips are:
1. Know where your internal stop tap is and how to turn it off
2. Check existing insulation and replace areas showing wear and tear
3. Fully lag all pipes if possible but especially those in unheated areas such as lofts, garages or gardens
4. Get advice about insulation thickness from the experts at a DIY store
5. Isolate and drain outside taps
6. On very cold days, leave the loft hatch open to allow warm air to circulate and prevent pipes from freezing
7. If you’re away for a few days, ask a friend to visit and keep watch for leaks
8. If you’re away for longer, leave your central heating on a low setting
9. Cold water tanks should be insulated on all sides but not underneath to allow warm air to circulate
10. Keep the contact details of a reputable plumber to hand.
Bob Taylor, Bournemouth Water’s Operations Director – Drinking Water Services, said: “We want to remind customers that when they start thinking about digging out their hats, scarves and gloves then it’s time to ensure their home is wrapped up for winter too.
“Any big freeze is followed by a thaw and homeowners and businesses can be left counting the cost if their pipes burst after periods of sub-zero temperatures. There are a number of simple steps which can help prevent problems, such as lagging your pipes, which will help reduce the risk of this happening and safeguard your water supply.”
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