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New, online property management for landlords and letting agents


Bournemouth Water is encouraging landlords and letting agents in its area of supply to use the new, online property management portal known as Landlord Tap.  

The water industry has developed a free, easy to use website that allows landlords and letting agents to provide water companies with details of those responsible for the payment of water and/or sewerage charges.  

When landlords and letting agents enter tenant details on the portal, these are automatically passed to the relevant water company, and a unique transaction receipt is provided for their records.

This new, free service is available for all landlords throughout England and Wales. It has been introduced on a voluntary basis, rather than enforced through regulations, and it is hoped that the take-up will be high, which will allow it to remain so.   

Once registered, the portal allows landlords and letting agents to inform water companies when:

  • Properties are added to their portfolios 
  • There is a change of tenancy or the property becomes vacant
  • They sell or stop managing the property

Bob Taylor, Managing Director of Bournemouth Water said: "Landlord Tap provides a simple, efficient solution for landlords and letting agents to provide water companies with information about their tenants.  

"Instead of calling, emailing or writing to us, they can enter details on the portal, at their convenience, 24 hours a day. These details are then sent to us and their sewerage provider in a single transaction.  

"We hope that in facilitating this information exchange, landlords will be more inclined to keep us up to date with their tenancy arrangements."

Landlord Tap can be accessed at

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