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Let us know you’re moving

Why we need to know

Please let us know in advance if you’re moving. It’s important to let us know as we may need to:

  • arrange a meter reading,
  • set up a new account, or
  • make sure you do not receive bills from us in future.

Need a meter reading?

Please give at least ten working days’ notice to arrange a meter reading. Call our Customer Service on 01202 590059.

If you are sure you can read it without putting yourself or others in danger, please see our guide on how to read your meter and use this meter reading form to send us your meter reading.

Open or move your account

If you are moving into a home in our area, please complete this new occupier form.

You can use this form whether your previous home was outside or inside our area of supply.

Moving away or no longer responsible

Please give us at least four working days’ notice if you’re moving out of a property. If you don’t let us know, we will continue to hold you responsible for the water bill.

Call 01202 590059.

If you’re moving out of our area and you have credit left on your account, please give us your forwarding address so that we can send it to you.

If you’d like us to cut off the supply or transfer the account to another name, please give us at least four working days’ notice.

If you don’t give us enough notice, you may have to pay for the water supplied to the property until:

  • the six-monthly meter reading takes place
  • the new occupant tells us, or
  • 28 days has passed

Press Office

Journalists can contact the Press Office on 01392 443020 or via email


Should you get a water meter?

Water meters have important benefits for you, for us and for the environment as you can have more control over your water use and leaks are easier to detect.  

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