Can I use your water hydrants?
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Can I use your water hydrants?

If your business involves outside cleaning, drain clearing or laying tarmac, you may need to use our water hydrants. We run a standpipe hire and licensing scheme via Aquam Water Services for this purpose.

Aquam Water Services, based in Portsmouth, will process all applications for hydrant use, together with the provision of hired metered standpipes within our area of supply.

We only allow our standpipes to be used on our hydrants in order to safeguard our water supply. 

For standpipe information and charges, please contact Aquam Water Services on 02380 639 616 or via email at  if you need to use our water hydrants.

Their depot location is Unit 5, Fairways Business Centre, Airport Service Road, Portsmouth, PO3 5NU

Please let us know if you notice any damage to a hydrant or a marker post or plate.

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