My water is discoloured, what do I do?
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My water is discoloured, what do I do?

To clear discoloured water, run the cold tap that is fed directly from the mains (usually your cold kitchen tap) for up to an hour, checking it every 10 minutes to see if it has cleared. 

If you are a household customer on a water meter, we can credit your account with a run off allowance.

Ask your neighbours if they have discoloured water, if they do, the problem may be with the main supply, caused by a burst pipe. You can check our In your area site for any related work and further information.

If you have tried running your cold tap for over an hour and the water still hasn’t cleared, please call Customer Service on 01202 590059

If the problem is only affecting your supply, we'd recommend you ask a plumber to check your supply pipes and fittings.

There is more information here about discoloured water.

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