How is my unmetered bill calculated?
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How is my unmetered bill calculated?

Your bill is made up of a fixed charge and a variable charge.

Fixed charge - This covers our costs for operational activities, for example: managing the infrastructure for supplying water, account maintenance and managing enquiries.

Variable charge - This is based on the Rateable Value of your property. This is the figure that we use to calculate this charge on.

Here is an example of how we calculate unmetered bills:

iStock-596367754 - cropped (1).jpg A yearly bill for a family living in a house where the property's Rateable Value was set at 250

Water charges from 1st April 2020:

Variable charge £0.5264 RV 250 x £0.5264 = £131.60
Fixed charge (annual)  £28.76 £28.76 per year
Sub total £131.60+ £28.76 = £160.36

As there is no meter at this property, this charge is not based on how much water is being used. There's more information here on switching to a meter.

Take a look at our unmetered bill layout explanation and latest charges document here.

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