How is my metered bill calculated?
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How is my metered bill calculated?

Your bill is made up of a fixed and volume charges.

Fixed charge - This covers our costs for operational activities, for example: managing the infrastructure for supplying water, reading and maintaining your meter, account maintenance and managing enquiries. 

Volume charge - This is based on the amount of water you use in cubic metres

Here is an example breakdown of how we calculate metered bills:

iStock-596768448 - cropped.jpg A family of 4 use 45 cubic metres of water in 90 days.

Water charges from 1st April 2020:

Volume charge £1.0685 45 m3 x £1.0685 = £48.08
Fixed charge (for 90 days) £7.09 £28.76 yearly charge ÷ 365 days x 90 days = £7.09
Total £48.08 + £7.09 = £55.17


Take a look at our metered bill layout explanation and latest charges document here

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