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Our Performance

There is a set of standards produced by Water UK that measure our performance for our Developer Services activities and the results are published on a quarterly basis.

Here’s how we’re performing against the industry average:  


Water supply targets Us Industry Average 
Quarter 4 (2017/18)98.41%96.86% (Ind Average)
Quarter 3 (2017/18)96.09% 96.66% (Ind Average)
Quarter 2 (2017/18)97.55%97.37%
Quarter 1 (2017/18)99.73%97.50%


Our performance highlights include:

Since April 2015 our performance has continued to improve 

Please see  for our performance against other water companies. 

Water UK produced a set of standards that developers and others can expect from water companies in relation to the provision of infrastructure.  These are a development of draft standards originally published as part of the government guide Better Connected: A practical guide to utilities for home builders.



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