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Our wildlife

By type of site

We have many rare and protected species living on our sites, including:

Heathland sites

  • silver studded blue butterflies
  • stag beetles
  • all six species of British reptiles – smooth snake, sand lizard, slow worm, adder, common lizard and grass snake

Woodland sites

  • lesser spotted woodpecker
  • cuckoo
  • badger
  • greater horseshoe bat

Grassland sites

  • barn owl
  • great crested newt
  • green winged orchid
  • hare
  • yellowhammer
  • lapwing
  • snipe
  • hedgehog

Christchurch Harbour

Birds – the harbour is an important feeding ground for birds and 300 species have been recorded here.

  • Wintering species include shelduck, terns and Brent geese
  • Resident species include kingfisher, common sandpiper, green sandpiper and garganey
  • Migratory species include osprey

Fish – Christchurch Harbour also plays a vital role in the life cycle of several fish species. It’s an important sea and fresh water fishery, as well as a migratory route for salmon, sea trout, sea lamprey and eels.

Mammals include the bottlenose dolphin and common seal.

Plants – the harbour is also home to two rare plants: dwarf spike-rush and sea knot-grass.

Rivers and reservoirs

These habitats play host to a wide range of mammals, insects and birds, such as water vole, otter, scarce chaser dragonfly, tufted duck, garganey, wigeon, pochard duck, goosander, pintail, teal, shoveler and the gadwall.

Press Office

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