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Environmental Policy

This policy forms the basis for the implementation of Bournemouth Water’s environmental improvement programme.

Our environmental statement provides the framework on which we have developed objectives and targets for continuous improvement.
We aim to manage our operations so that they are consistent with the international standard in environmental management, ISO 14001.
For further information, please contact Dr Saska Mc Grath, Water Resources & Environmental Manager, on 01202 591111.

Policy Statement

At Bournemouth Water the environment is central to our business. We strive for continuous improvements in environmental performance, the conservation of resources and the adoption of best practice ensuring that environmental considerations are central to our decision making. We are committed to sustainable development while continuing to give value to our customers and fair returns to our shareholders.
In particular, we:

  • aim to meet fully our obligations to the environment
  • develop and improve our environmental performance
  • continually assess and where possible mitigate the impact of our activities
  • measure and report publicly our performance against specific targets
  • promote wider understanding of environmental issues amongst our employees, customers and contractors
  • support and encourage environmental initiatives in the local community

Bob Taylor
Managing Director
We rely on contractors to carry out some of our activities.  We brief them and audit their operations to ensure their activities are carried out appropriately.
Discharges to surface waters 
We manage the risk of polluting substances being released into the aquatic environment.  Where appropriate, discharges will meet or exceed the standards set by the regulator.
Energy management
We seek to reduce our consumption of energy within the business and use renewable sources where appropriate.  We have a separate energy management policy.
Legislative compliance
We ensure we are aware of current and planned legislation and comply with it.
New projects and purchasing policy
We implement environmental guidelines in the design and construction of new projects, and expand the use of environmental impact assessment on major projects.  When purchasing new products, environmental issues are considered
Storage of chemicals and fuels 
We ensure chemicals and fuels are stored and moved following best practice guidelines, minimising the risk to the environment.  This will be achieved by using the appropriate products, eliminating chemicals not in regular use, training staff and upgrading containment structures.
Conservation and biodiversity
We manage our activities and assets to protect and improve habitat and increase biodiversity.
Waste management
We have a waste minimisation programme that monitors and improves our waste management wherever possible.
Transport strategy
We aim to minimise our use of fuel by reducing vehicle mileage through vehicle movement monitoring and by purchasing emission-efficient vehicles. 
Water management
We seek to minimise water demand through a continued programme of water demand and leakage management.  We actively encourage water efficiency by our customers and within our business.

This policy statement is publicly available and was last updated on 
22 July 2010.
Area of Supply Map showing Sites of Scientific Interest
Map of Supply showing Environmentally Sensitive areas

Press Office

Journalists can contact the Press Office on 01392 443020 or via email


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