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2015/16 Tariffs and 2016/17 Wholesale Charges Scheme


Tariffs and Charges for the period April 2015 – March 2016, Board Statement of Assurance

Bournemouth Water’s Board recognises the importance to the regulatory process of providing reliable, accurate and complete information, and also understands that it is under a duty to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in accordance with the terms of the Water Industry Acts 1991, 1999 and 2003, 2014 and in relation to its licence to operate. The Board’s Statement of Assurance on the tariff development process can be found below.

Bournemouth Water Board Assurance - Tariffs and Charges 2015-1


2015/16 Wholesale Charges Scheme

Bournemouth Water’s powers to charge for water supplies are contained in the Water Industry Acts. Charges are set in accordance with revenue control limits determined by Ofwat. To comply with Condition E of our licence to operate, charges must not show undue preference to, or discriminate against, any class of person.

Under the terms laid down by Section 143 of the Water Industry Act 1991 and Ofwat’s 2014 Price Review, incumbent regional monopoly water supply wholesalers are required to publish separate charges for the wholesale and retail activities of their business.

The publication on the link below describes our wholesale charging policy and the charges, and is only applicable to retailers of water. Our retail charging policy and charges for end-users (customers of Bournemouth Water’s incumbent retailer) are described in our publication Water Charges 2015-2016, which is available here or on request.

Wholesale charges will be published on our website annually, normally early in February each year. Prices will take effect on 1st of April each year. 

For details of the company’s policies on escrow accounts please contact our Finance Director on 01202 590059.

Wholesale Charges Scheme

Wholesale Standard Schedule

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