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Leadership, transparency and governance

We are a Statutory Undertaker operating under the terms of the Water Industry Act 1991 and a Licence granted by the Secretary of State. As a monopoly service provider operating over a defined area where the very large majority of our customers have no choice of supplier, it is very important that our company is led and managed to very high standards. It is also important that we are transparent about the leadership of the company and that we adequately disclose how we conduct our affairs.

Below is a link to a Code that we have put in place to describe how our Board conducts its business. 
Our Directors’ procedures and the Terms of Reference of the various Board sub-committees can be accessed below. 


Press Office

Journalists can contact the Press Office on 01392 443020 or via email


Should you get a water meter?

Water meters have important benefits for you, for us and for the environment as you can have more control over your water use and leaks are easier to detect.  

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