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2019/20 Wholesale charges

From 1 September 2016 (following the amendment to the Water Industry Act 1991), Ofwat has a duty to set rules that wholesalers must follow when setting their charges for wholesale services. These wholesale charges documents are published in compliance with these rules. The documents include information about Special Agreements and the wholesale service standards that we must meet for non-household customers.

Board  Statement of Assurance and Statement of Significant Change

This Board Assurance Statement confirms that Bournemouth Water’s wholesale charges and charges scheme are compliant with legal obligations and consistent with Ofwat’s Wholesale Charging and Charges Scheme Rules.  As Bournemouth Water is part of South West  Water and operates under South West Water’s licence, the South West Water Board of Directors provides this statement.

Statement of Assurance

Statement of Significant Change

2019/20 Wholesale charges information 

Wholesale standard schedule

Bournemouth Water wholesale charges 2019/20

Non-household wholesale charges 2019/20

Non-household wholesale service standards scheme

Special Agreements

2019/20 Indicative wholesale tariffs

NAV tariffs

The New Appointments and Variations (NAV) regime was introduced under the Water Industry Act 1991 (WIA91) to provide a mechanism to facilitate new entry into the water and wastewater sector and to allow appointed undertakers (incumbents) to expand outside of their geographical area of appointment.

The charges laid out in this document are provided to assist NAVs to estimate their bulk water and/or wastewater charges for a site. 

South West Water and Bournemouth Water bulk charges for NAVs 2019/20

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