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How everyone benefits

Improving water efficiency is a simple way to reduce overheads. But it’s also good for the environment, and helps keep future price rises to a minimum.

You may be able to cut your water use – and your water bills – by as much as 30% by using water more efficiently. And in addition to saving you money, reducing your water consumption can help improve your green credentials, reduce your carbon footprint and generate positive PR.

Water efficiency also helps keep down our costs and the amount we charge you. This is because water tariffs are based on demand and are set by our industry regulator, Ofwat. If the demand for water increases, we incur extra costs in meeting that demand. And if demand rises significantly, major capital investment may be necessary to collect, filter, store and pump enough water.

How water efficiency benefits go round

Although your bill provides a good starting point for measuring your water use, data logging and E-metering provide a complete, hour-by-hour picture.

Your bill shows the amount used over the period covered by the past four meter readings, plus your daily average use for each of these periods.



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