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Data logging and E-metering

E-Metering Website

This service lets you analyse your water use by the hour, every day of the year. It can show if water is flowing onto your property when the business is closed, for example, which could signify a leak on your premises.

By building a day-by-day picture of your water use, it is possible to:

  • spot unusual increases quickly
  • make comparisons over different time periods
  • analyse the effectiveness of efficiency measures, and
  • set realistic benchmarks and targets

How does it work?

We fit a data logger onto your water meter to record the amount of water flowing onto your premises every 15 minutes, every day. E-metering is the software that creates an easy-to-use, interactive graph of your water use. (It is accessed on a secure area of this website.)

How much does it cost?

The charge for a data logger and access to your own E-metering web is by quotation. It is subject to survey and the availability of suitable mobile phone network coverage.

Is it suitable for any business?

Yes. The only requirement is a strong mobile phone signal at your water meter location. This is because data loggers use mobile phone technology to send the information to us.

To find out more

Please call us on 01202 590059.

Test E-metering yourself

Click on the login button at the top of this page using these details:

Username: Test1
Password: Test1

(This is a demonstration site with limited data, so not all the functions work, but it could help you decide whether this service would be useful for you.)

Short-term analysis

If you do not want continuous data but would like to analyse your water use over a short period, ask us about logging your supply for a week or two. This could give you a useful snapshot of your water use and may also show up any leaks.



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